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Premiazioni AlpeAdria e Triveneto Velocita'



                                 Giovedì   8   dicembre 2011    ore 12,00   presso

                                                ASOLO GOLF CLUB

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Luigi Favarato new VicePresident UEM

During the annual meeting of the European Motorcycle Federation (UEM), held last weekend in Oporto in Portugal, Luigi Favarato was elected Vice President of European Motorcycling Union.
Another important milestone for the FMI Regional President, already inserted in  Motorcycle AlpeAdria International as President of Italy, that it will be ready’ to follow Europe especially in the field of motorcycle vintage bikes.

Continue ‘in the office of Regional President of the FMI with various sporting activities in Veneto and Triveneto, while the outgoing President, Vincenzo Mazzi, was re-elected unanimously ‘.
Another success for the VicePresident ‘was the confirmation of the date for the next European meeting to be held’ in Treviso, then the first weekend in July 2011, in the centenary of the birth of the Italian Motorcycle Federation, the city ‘of Treviso and the Veneto become the European motorcycling.